Get Healthy, Be Healthy, Feel Amazing

 You’re TiredK09A1004fcrop2-3690698778-O (2)

  • of being stressed out
  • of not experiencing the energy you once had
  • of feeling stuck and not living your life the way you had imagined
  • of not fitting into your clothes
  • of feeling like you are trapped by disease

This is where it can all change…. now.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey to being healthy. I can help you get there. Even when it seems too difficult or will take too much time.


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” Emi listen’s to your health problems/complaints – like low energy, poor immune system, upset stomach, etc. – and assess your diet, and diagnose exactly what in your diet or lifestyle is causing that problem, and she can offer an immediate solution that can fit into your lifestyle and be effective at resolving the problem.  And it goes beyond nutrition – she can offer tips to improve your overall health, wellness, and lifestyle.  And Emi’s recipes are absolutely fantastic!” P. Huntington