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7 Ways to Pack Healthier Lunches and Have Your Kids Eat Them



emi-thumbAs a Health Coach I support everyday people who want to wake up feeling great all of time. They are tired of being overweight, sick, exhausted and overwhelmed. Together we look at what foods will help them be their healthiest and how to make healthy living work easily in their busy lifestyle. My approach is a little different than others in that I believe that eating should be fun and taste great. There isn’t any one way of eating that works for everyone, we all are unique individuals and what makes us healthy is unique too. I don’t believe in dieting. Eating well is what boosts weight loss. I also look at areas of life that might need a little balancing. Stress is a factor in 80% of disease and when something like unproductive relationships, not enough exercise, unhappy work experiences, etc. are prevalent in someone’s life it affects their health.

The results are truly inspiring.


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Local Food

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