• Are you tired of dieting and not losing weight?
  • Are food cravings running your life?
  • Do you feel tired, stuck or lacking the energy you once had
  • Are you experiencing overwhelm even though you seek more balance

You have come to the right place. Eating healthy can be effortless and the lifestyle you want. All it takes is a little support.


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“Emi has been working with my daughter to not only eat healthier but also handle allergies and anxiety.  Emi has been invaluable in this time of transition for my daughter.  My daughter now takes a moment to think about what she is eating and more often than not selects a healthy option.  As a result the entire family is eating better and getting more active!  Even her little brother!  Emi has been so very helpful in explaining how foods effect the body with allergies and anxiety as well.  She had equipped my daughter with multiple tools to keep both under control.  These skills are a lifesaver for her!” – M. Lipsky

” Emi listen’s to your health problems/complaints – like low energy, poor immune system, upset stomach, etc. – and assess your diet, and diagnose exactly what in your diet or lifestyle is causing that problem, and she can offer an immediate solution that can fit into your lifestyle and be effective at resolving the problem.  And it goes beyond nutrition – she can offer tips to improve your overall health, wellness, and lifestyle.  And Emi’s recipes are absolutely fantastic!” P. Huntington