My Favorite Local Restaurants

So if you are looking for cool places to eat out and want to expand past the frozen microwave food being served at Applebees or Fridays, and yes I’m serious about that. That is exactly what you are getting there. I’m always in search of places using local ingredients and something different. Oh yeah, and not getting food poisoning is good too. I recommend the following:

Oh My! Preztels

Darren Hodorovich is the owner of the Oh My! Pretzels, serving you guessed it.. Pretzels. These are not your ordinary soft pretzels though. Not only are they organic, but they actually taste AWESOME, not like the gluey globs I have seen at other places. Darren’s shop is in Eagle right on Rt 100 and you can find him at the Anselma Farmer’s Market, Great Valley Farmers Market, and the Elverson Farmers Market. He is also offering boxed lunches with pretzel sandwiches. These boxed lunches are perfect for corporate lunches. Email me or Darren for the complete menu:

Raw Can Roll Cafe

My girlfriend made me go here, and I’m so glad that I did. Raw Can Roll Cafe is a totally raw cafe and for those of you who are thinking huh? We’re talking much more than just salad. I had the Thai Spring Roll, Jicama Potato Salad and Lemonade that was heavenly. I of course was too busy eating to take pictures, so go to the website and see for yourself Sheryl is the owner and she let us try the chocolate candies that make the trip to Douglasville totally worth it.

Station Taproom

I wrote about this before, but we have been here two more times since I last wrote. And I still love it. With Menu items like Beef Short Rib Egg Roll, Steamed Mussels in a Thai Curry Sauce, Lamb burger and the yummiest had cut fries I have ever had, I will keep coming back. Check out their website too.

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