True Confessions of a Health Coach

People ask me all the time if I’m a Vegan. The answer is no. Not that there is anything wrong with being vegan, or vegetarian for that matter, but neither of those lifestyles make me feel awesome all the time. They do, however, work for lots of people.  Once someone knows that I’m not Vegan, they are curious about what a health coach does eat, what diet do I subscribe too? Am I Paleo, Raw Foods, Atkins, Body Ecology? I love characteristics of all of them, and various aspects of each one works well for different people, but I don’t subscribe to any one way of eating.  Most of my diet is plant-based whole foods. I do eat meat, poultry and fish, but for the most part I choose local sources where I know the farms and how the animals are being fed and treated – both from a humane and a food (Click HERE to check out few of the great Farmers Markets in the area.) Grass-fed beef, for instance, has less fat, is much higher in omega 3’s and is more nutrient-dense in general.

At home, my family’s weeks vary somewhat depending on what is happening – and YES, there are weeks when we eat less well than others, but this is pretty much what an average week looks like:

  • At least two days of vegetarian meals and 3-4 nights of vegetarian dinners. In the summer we eat much less meat/poultry.
  • One night we have fish.
  • When we do have meat it may be just a small amount in some part of a dish.
  • We have fruits and/or vegetables at every meal.
  • Salad almost every day, sometimes twice. I eat a large salad as part of my lunch most days.
  • Breakfast consists of oatmeal/soaks oats, eggs or leftovers plus a banana. Very occasionally some yogurt will be in the mix. Thanks to Brian we are having a green smoothie almost every day. I do drink coffee. I have about a cup and half in the morning.
  • We don’t eat at fast food places. I’m proud to say that Matthew has never been to a McDonalds. The only exception would be the 1-2 times a year when we are traveling and have miscalculated where we can stop and we will eat at Chic-Fil-A.. We get grilled chicken. We only stop here out of sheer starving desperation. We order pizza about once a month. Going fast food free does taking a little planning (a topic for another time).
  • On the whole, we stay away from chain restaurants. None of us feel good after eating at them and there are plenty of independent restaurants to explore.

Will my eating habits work for you? Maybe some of them will, but everyone is different and has different needs. We are all unique individuals with different likes, dislikes, sensitivities, personalities, and backgrounds. The best foods for you to eat and what will give you the best health and energy are as unique to you as your fingerprint.  I call it a “Unique Food Profile.” It’s one of the many things my clients explore when they are working with me. The cool part is that when you are eating foods that give you energy and make you feel great you are less prone to colds and disease.

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