Spring Clean Your Body without Doing a Cleanse

Spring is officially here! After what seemed like a never ending winter here in PA, opening the windows and feeling the sunshine  will Spring Clean, cleansebe a treat. Warmer weather is welcomed. Spring is a time of rebirth, the flowers start to poke their heads through the earth and bloom. The trees are budding and everything is becoming green and alive again.  Maybe you have the urge to do a little spring cleaning. Getting rid of unwanted items or organizing a closet or two feels renewing and invigorating.

Now is also a great time to spring clean your body and what you have been eating too. With the cold winter months and holiday season, we tend to eat and sleep more, which is as it should be. For the most part our bodies require heavier, denser food to keep us warm.  As the weather warms, however, we can shift to lighter foods that will help remove congestion that has built up over the winter and give us more energy. When our bodies are in balance, colds, allergies and depression are reduced.

Give your body a little cleaning without doing a cleanse by including spring time foods that are naturally in season now. Even making small shifts in what you eat from heavy stews or cream based soups to lighter, broth soups will make a difference. Try Asian Soba Noodle Soup

Leafy Greens: The power house of good health, leafy greens are among the most nutrient dense foods and great for improving the immune system. Kale is my personal favorite, but for spring try dandelion greens. They are a liver de-toxifier and replace minerals. Try sautéed dandelion greens or try one of the many teas available.

Sprouts: These magical little beauties are full of enzymes, micro-nutrients and amino acids that are the building blocks of great health. Sprouts are easy to digest and all those nutrients are easily absorbed. Learn how easy it is to grow your own sprouts in less than 2 minutes a day

Spring Foods: Add scallions, radishes, and asparagus in. Lighter vegetables that are bitter, pungent or have spice to them naturally help cleanse the body.

Exercise: Don’t forget to move a little more. Try having dinner a little earlier and going for a walk after. You may notice that your digestion is better.

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