Sensational Summer Salads

Summer sun and warm weather means fun, summer salads! I hear from so many of my clients that for them salads areĀ  the same old mix of lettuce, tomato, cucumber.

Here’s the great news. They don’t have to be!

I like to think of lettuce and greens as the basis, like a blank canvas, on which to create an array of brilliant colors, textures and flavors.

Salads are flexible and you can add anything you want to them. Start creating now with some of these unusual ideas.

  • For a powerful antioxidant kick try raw, shredded sweet potato or beets for a little sweetness. To prepare for your salad, wash your sweet potato and/or beets and shred. There is no need to peel.
  • While you are grilling your favorite meats, throw on extra vegetables and use leftovers for your salad. In addition to the usual summer squashes and tomatoes, consider cauliflower, mushrooms, or asparagus.
  • Don’t forget to sprinkle in a few nuts and seeds. These healthy fat filled beauties not only add a crunchy texture, a small handful of cashews has the same mood boosting effects of Prozac.
  • Sprouts and radishes add a cooling effect and are great cleansing vegetables. Sprouts are full of much needed enzymes and help reduce congestion from the body.
  • My new favorite addition are lacto-fermented veggies. Look for fermented carrots or cabbage. They taste kind of like pickles and are great for improving digestion.
  • Toss in dried fruit for a chewy texture that combines perfectly with salad greens. To reduce added sugars, dry your own fruit in the oven on a low setting (approximately 150 degrees).
  • Get a little tropical. Add pineapple, kiwi, peaches, plums or other fruit (try them grilled too) and leftover grilled meat for a hearty main meal salad.

What is your favorite summer salad?

2 comments to Sensational Summer Salads

  • Cara

    These look yummy and exciting, with great information. You rock Emi!

  • Rick

    More great salad ideas and recipes, Emi! My summers are much more healthy and good-tasting with your suggestions. Not to mention how great they are at supplying the nutrition and energy levels I need for long-distance bicycling. Thanks!