Why Throwing Your Scale Out Could Be the Healthiest Thing You Do

Is the scale your friend or foe? For some it’s just a means of checking in periodically but for many people the scale is a torture device they use daily or weekly as confirmation of whether or not they have made progress in their weight loss goals. I vary and personalize my apprScaleoach when coaching clients who come to me for weight loss, but my one consistent message is to not step on the scale more than 1-2 times a month.

When you place emphasis on how you want to feel in your body instead of what you think it should look like, it will react that way. . Strong, Powerful, Radiant, whatever your word choice is; if you believe you are strong, you will be. That’s better than any work out! AND, making healthy choices will be easier when you are committed to feeling a certain way.

Still not convinced to toss that scale out? Here are four more good reasons:


Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean You Are Healthy

Most of us believe that if you are overweight you are unhealthy and if you are thin you are healthy. This just isn’t the case. Appearances can be deceiving as many “thin” people are under-toned and have a higher fat to muscle ratio even though they fall into the normal range for weight and height.  Known as being “skinny fat”, these people are considered metabolically obese and have similar or even increased health risks to someone who is significantly overweight. It is far healthier to be carrying a few extra pounds and be fit with a higher muscle ratio.


There Is More To Life Than A Pound.

The scale only measures one thing, POUNDS. There is much more to being healthy than tracking calories. So yeah, maybe the extra helping of potato salad at your neighbor’s BBQ wasn’t the best choice, but what you eat isn’t the only indicator of health. The amount you sleep, whether your hormones are balanced and your stress levels can play an even bigger part in your successful weight loss than what you eat.  The scale can’t measure if you have more energy, feel more rested, or are experiencing joy.


Empower You, Not the Scale

Weighing less doesn’t mean you are worth more. A number is just that, a number. It doesn’t say anything about who you are, what you are great at, or how you feel. My own clients admit to experiencing lower self-esteem on the days the scale says they weigh a pound or two more.  By giving any value to the number, you are allowing a $30 inanimate object to have power over your worth and happiness.


We’re the Same Number, But We Don’t Look The Same

Put 5 people together of the same height and weight and you will see that none of them have the same body type or possibly even the same dress size.  Our body composition can be very different depending on how much muscle we have. That’s a good thing too. Wouldn’t it be a little dull if we all looked the same? Let how you feel in your clothes be a guide instead of the number of your dress size.

Feeling good about your body is about being comfortable with who you are. You have the power within yourself to choose how you want to feel.  Let it be your guide to your identity and the driver of your well-being, not how much you weigh.






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