Why Dieting Doesn't Work

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle


Is better health on your radar for 2015? It seems like more Americans are committing themselves to weight loss and greater well-being than ever before. The first of the year sounds like the Why Dieting Doesn't Worktime for making changes with our goals and intentions still fresh in our minds, but as life returns to normal only 8% of us will achieve our desire results. Before you start to feel depressed and throw in the towel before you have even started let me share one thing:


Now that we are clear on that, let me add, changing your habits, regardless of what they are isn’t easy. Life gets in the way, things happen, we lose momentum. Dieting is hard and 95% of all diets fail. Meaning that most people who diet will gain it back within 1 year, and 95% of everyone who diets will have gained the weight they wanted to lose plus additional pounds within 5 years. The whole point of losing weight or getting healthy is to do it once and then maintain a healthy lifestyle, right? The problem is that most menu plans or diet systems are only set up for a short term solution, not long term success.

Why Doesn’t Dieting Work?

Let’s start with feeling deprived. Many diets have you removing the foods you love. No Sugar, No Carbs, No Fat, No Fruit. Whatever it is, if you aren’t supposed to have it, don’t you just want it more? Nothing good comes from not having what you want.

Diets are usually designed to be Short Term. Lose weight in 6 weeks. Drop 20lbs in 8 weeks. Guaranteed to lose weight. The messages are everywhere. Eat this, buy into that for stage 1, 2 and 3 and presto, you are good as new… then what? What happens after that? Have you learned what your body really needs to be healthy? Do you have the energy to do everything you want? How do you fit healthy eating into your chaotic schedule? What about when you go on vacation or go out to dinner?

Diets fail to take into account why people eat what they eat. Why they crave a certain food, why their energy plummets at 4pm, or why that big bowl of ice cream seems so necessary when they are by themselves at night. Stress and emotions play just as big of part in your health as what you put in your mouth.

Dieting and food plans are kind of like implementing a marketing strategy for 3 months and then wondering why the results weren’t there after a year.

What does work?

Changing anything takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. Start with small steps to include healthier foods into what you are already eating. Start eating a salad two or three times a week, add a veggie into a meal when you wouldn’t normally have one. Start small and once you have one thing accomplished, add another.

Good eating habits have to fit into your life. If you don’t cook, eat breakfast, or drink enough water every day, making all of that part of your new routine at once is a lot. Think about what really works in your day. Set yourself up for success. Just adding breakfast can make huge difference in what you eat for the rest of the day. If you travel a lot, consider packing fruit or nuts as a healthy snack.

Successful weight loss and what will work is different for everyone. All of us have individual characteristics that impact our health, but the best strategy is to start slow, include one healthy habit at a time, and to listen to your body. It knows what it needs. If you are ready to have more energy, abundant health and life you have dreamed of schedule a 30 minute THRIVE session. Get the tools you need to make healthy an easy, effortless lifestyle. Schedule now.

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