5 Days of Smoothies: Green Lemonade

I love lemons and their ability to help us detox gently. This is a good thing! We are surrounded by toxins in pretty much everything….. […]

5 Days of Smoothies: Something More Savory!

A little different than the more traditional fruit based smoothies, I love the savory flavors of the Tomato Veggie Smoothie. It has lots of immune enhancing benefits. […]

5 Days of Smoothies - Awesome Recovery Protein Smoothie

Who knew something this creamy and delicious could aid in muscle repair after an intense work out. […]

5 Days of Smoothies

I decided to have a little fun this week and share 5 different smoothie recipes each with different health benefits. Check them out! […]

Why Do I Need 50 Kinds of Yogurt?

Sometimes eating healthy isn’t as easy as we thought! The options seem endless with all the new varieties in food these days. This article provides you with the tips and tricks you’ll need in order to get past the 50 different kinds of yogurt! […]

3 Myths that Prevent Us from Eating Healthy

What you believe maybe keeping you from reaching your health goals. Here’s Why. […]

6 Healthy Habits for Summer

Summer is a more relaxed time of year. Wait, don’t reach for that hot dog yet…Stay on track with these 6 healthy habits that will make your summer a breeze. […]

How to Change Your Life in One Breath

I love when I learn about ways to make HUGE, Gigantic, Amazing improvements to my health without taking more of my valuable time or money. Like sleeping, the way you breathe has significant health benefits. (I know – you’re thinking I am breathing!) As a former chronic breath holder, breathing fully has been a journey for me. I wasn’t aware that I was holding my breath until I started speaking publicly and I would run out of air mid-sentence. Running taught me to be conscious to breathe in. Breathing out wasn’t a problem somehow. And finally taking voice lessons and learning to meditate has taught me how use my air efficiently and effectively. Honestly I thought I was the only one, however most of us only use 20% of our lung capacity.

To determine if you are taking a full breath, put your hand on your belly, just below your […]

Are You Getting Enough ZZZ's and WHY It's More Important Than You Think

You’re eating clean, exercising more, and you are starting to see a difference. Are you sleeping enough? Read more to learn why if you aren’t getting enough sleep it can sabotage all the great things you are working towards. […]

The #1 Reason Why We Overeat

Whether at a party, watching TV or that nagging craving, at some point most of us have eaten more than we should. Find out how to never overeat again – with giving up the foods you like. […]