Start the day and the year off with more energy

Your mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have more energy with what you eat. […]

5 Things You Can Do During the Holidays to Start 2014 Off Healthier


Eat a Few More Fruits and Vegetables. Add an extra salad in with lunch, a bigger portion of broccoli at dinner, an apple for a snack or go all crazy and try going veg for a whole day! Fruits and vegetables are one of the best sources for most of the nutrients we need and those nutrients are frequently more easily absorbed into our bodies. Think instant energy. Drink More Water. Being dehydrated, which most of are, even by a little bit, effects our ability to think clearly. Get smarter with water. Buy Organic. Pesticides are toxic and can affect us in many ways. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of regulation and many times there are up to 55 different chemicals on produce. Make small changes by making the following a priority to buy organic. They have the highest chemical load. Instant Detox. Apples Grapes Strawberries Celery Lettuces and […]

Honey Spiced Chicken with Cranberry Kale Farro


1 Tbsp olive oil 1 medium carrot, diced 1 celery stalk, diced 1 medium onion. Diced 1 cup Farro 3 cups low sodium vegetable broth 3-4 leave of kale, thinly shredded ½ cup dried cranberries ½ tsp. ground pepper



Heat oil in a large sauté pan over medium high heat. Add celery, carrot and onion and sauté until soft. Remove from pan. Add farro to pan and toast until farro becomes fragrant. Add approximately 1½ cups of vegetable broth. Cover, reduce temperature to medium and add more vegetable broth as it is absorbed by the farro. Continue to do this until farro is soft but chewy. Approx. 30 minutes Add kale when farro is almost completely cooked. Allow to wilt Add pepper and dried cranberries. Stir to mix in, gently


Honey Spice Chicken

Juice of 1 orange Zest of 1 orange 1/3 cup of Just […]

Choosing the Cheat

I’m pretty sure that at some point or another, we have all made a decision to “get healthy”. Regardless of whether it’s starting a new gym routine, eliminating diet soda or following through with the latest diet with precise detail, we seek to change some part of ourselves that we perceive as needing improvement. Choosing to eat healthier or starting a new diet and making radical change may feel really good. Freeing almost. Deciding to never eat high fat, high carb, processed foods, sugar (or whatever the decision is) and throwing it out or pushing it to the pack of the pantry. Following through with best of intentions, a healthy menu is made with new recipes to try, maybe something vegetarian or that freaky looking green drink that you neighbor raves about. Calories are counted. Portions are measured. You are on the way to the you, you always wanted.

This […]

Why How You Eat is as Important as What You Eat

Eat Real Be Well

Food – It’s all about taste for me, fresh, super fresh, picked that day, dirt still clinging, peak tastiness. I love going to the farm to pick up my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share or to any of the local farmers markets.

Visiting the farm and having a couple of moments with nature brings me great joy and is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. Smelling the tomatoes as I pick them or talking to the farmers at the markets and building relationships brings me closer to what I am eating. The farmers know which lettuce I like and sometimes if I’m running late, they’ll save the micro greens that the boys and I fight over.

When we get everything home it is almost like opening gifts at the holidays. I’m thinking about what I can make and what new recipe I’ve been meaning to try. Yum! Obviously food […]

3 Easy Tips for Creating Stress Free and Fun Week Night Meals

Holiday Dinner Table

Everyone’s schedule is always so busy and finding time and having the energy to plan and cook every night can be next to impossible. But that doesn’t mean that take-out has to be the go to for those nights when dinner isn’t making itself. With a little planning, enjoying healthy food and spending less time in the kitchen can be accomplished. Of course having some fun while you are there will make your eating experience far more pleasurable.

Set the Stage:

Light a candle, turn the lights up or down to change the mood. Set a beautiful table, use cloth napkins or those special dishes out that only get used once a year. Create an efficient works space so you can see what you are doing, and stay organized by getting the ingredients and utensils that you will use out. Breath. The energy you have […]

Is Your Sunscreen Really Protecting You?

Eat Real Be Well

I’m returning from my favorite beach spot in Carolina Beach, North Carolina where the boys and I spent almost a week relaxing, riding waves and building sandcastles. If you are following me on Facebook, you know I’m an avid beach lover. For me there is nothing better, but that doesn’t me that I’m not careful about sun exposure. After reading the Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Guide last year I made changes to the sunscreen the boys and I use. Their guide discusses some of the health concerns related to sun exposure and protection as well as the chemicals that are used in sunscreens. You can also search for the sunscreen you use and see how it rates. This year’s guide is even more informative about the potential hazards of sunscreen. It may not be as safe as you think. Here’s why. Sunscreen Concerns:

Despite use of sunscreen, rates of melanoma […]

No Time to Go to the Gym? Easy Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

By: Guest Blogger Adam Marks, Personal Trainer of ADM Training

Whenever someone contacts me about in-home training, I am almost always asked the same question: do I need any equipment? And my answer is always the same: all you need is an open space, a comfortable outfit, and a mind and body ready to work. Sometimes there is a bit of surprise when I give prospective clients this answer, because when we think of “the gym” or personal training we think of machines, free weights, bands, bars, mats, benches, etc., and think that we need all of those things to get a great workout. Having all of these at my disposal is great and it makes my job a lot easier, but for my in-home clients and even other times when the gym is particularly busy or I don’t have time to get there, I need to get creative without […]

Why Drinking Water Can Make You Smarter

Drinking enough water can help us think more clearly and flushes toxins from our body. […]

4 Simple Steps to Reduce Food Cravings

It’s 4pm, you have been running all day. All you can think about is chocolate and you feel like you might need to take a nap in order to make it through the rest of your day. It’s a toss-up, stop and get a candy bar or a brownie, or maybe both. Or maybe it’s after dinner and you are relaxing on the couch. You can hear it calling you, the coconut chip ice cream in your fridge. Maybe you will have just a little tonight. You start with one dish, not quite satisfied, you have a little more, until you realize you have just about polished off most of the carton.

Sound familiar?

Everybody splurges sometimes and that can be the most enjoyable part of eating something that isn’t necessarily “good for you”, however, if you seem to find yourself dwelling on satisfying your food craving on a regular […]