What We Had for Dinner

The fall back to school schedule is a bit full this year, I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow the boys have at least one commitment most weekdays. Tuesdays are my favorite, there is cross country, intramural sports, baseball and piano, and Tuesdays happen to be the day that I have most of my networking events too. Finding the time to make dinner, never mind something that everyone likes and is healthy seems like an impossible feat. This last week we have had the following:

Lemon Garlic Braised Chicken: I made this last Sunday and while it does take a while to make, about one hour of cooking time, I made a lot of extra brown rice which I used later in the week. For this dish, you place whole cloves of garlic in 2 cups of chicken broth and simmer for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, place the […]

More About Chicken Nuggets

A couple weeks ago I posted about some of the ingredients in Chicken McNuggets. My son Brian is still walking around muttering about Silly Putty being one of the ingredients. To follow up that conversation, below is the link for a recent Huffington Post article showing how chicken nuggets are made. It is a little graphic just to give you the heads up. 


Two Absolute Must Read Books

I read a lot and since I decided to open the restaurant and start this blog, I spend most of my time reading food and health related books, blogs, magazines etc. There is an abundance of information out there, and depending on the source some of it is contradictory.

Two books that I have read recently and love, are Food Rules, by Michael Pollan and Organic Manifesto by Maria Rodale. Both books are easy reads and inspiring. Both have suggestions for simple things we can all do to be healthier.

Food Rules is written as guide book and is broken down in to three sections and a total of sixty-four points or “Rules” of what and how to eat.  You can read this book in any order. I have randomly chosen pages to read. All of the “Rules” are easy to try and are pretty common sense, but I think […]

12 Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

 Many of you have asked about what fish are ok to eat and what is better, farmed or wild caught. Click on the link to read about 12 fish that you should think twice about before buying. I liked this list because it also makes suggestions as to what fish are safe to eat and/or not endangered.


Healthy, Easy Dinner Salad

We haven’t had summer squash or zucchini since the zucchini cakes about a month ago, but I saw this recipe from Clean Eating and had to try it. The local zucchini/summer squash season is pretty much over, but I was lucky to find a few at my favorite farmers market. I added mushrooms and substituted the champagne vinegar for rice vinegar and fresh mozzarella for the feta, because I forgot to pick up feta at the farmers market. The feta would only make this dish even better than it was.


enjoy and eat real!

Fixing the Planet

http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/organic-can-heal-our-planet-feed-the-world-and-keep-us-safe/Maria Rodale of  Rodale Inc. has a new book, Organic Manifesto, out. In it she discusses organic farming vs industrial farming and how organic farming can produce higher yields than industrial while sequestering carbon and potentially slow global warming. The link above has excerpts from her book and as a summary, it really puts the pieces together as far as how hunger, pesticide usage, cancer and other diseases all fit together.

The Rodale Insititute has conducted a study called the Farm System Trial which was started in 1981. It compares organic farming methods to industrial farming methods. I have not read all of the findings yet, however the evidence shows that organic farming methods can compete and possibly beat industrial farming method. 

My copy of her book will arrive Friday. I’ll let you know what I think, of coarse. In the mean time click on the link above.


Using Leftovers for Lunch

Salad for lunch today! At least half of my lunches are salad. They are easy to throw together. Today we had a lot of left overs in the fridge and the yogurt and granola I had for breakfast has vanished. What got me started were the lentil and rice cakes I made the other night. I had put them in my salad yesterday and they were really tasty, so I thought I would do that again, then I found the Tahini, Tamari and Ginger Grilled Chicken I made last night and cut some of that up, added leftover black beans, tomatoes, green pepper, green olives and my favorite blue cheese, all of which was tossed over the baby spinach I used as my base.

Point being, be creative with your leftovers, make a sandwich, a salad or combine a couple of different things. I just read that American waste almost […]

My Favorite Local Restaurants

So if you are looking for cool places to eat out and want to expand past the frozen microwave food being served at Applebees or Fridays, and yes I’m serious about that. That is exactly what you are getting there. I’m always in search of places using local ingredients and something different. Oh yeah, and not getting food poisoning is good too. I recommend the following:

Oh My! Preztels

Darren Hodorovich is the owner of the Oh My! Pretzels, serving you guessed it.. Pretzels. These are not your ordinary soft pretzels though. Not only are they organic, but they actually taste AWESOME, not like the gluey globs I have seen at other places. Darren’s shop is in Eagle right on Rt 100 and you can find him at the Anselma Farmer’s Market, Great Valley Farmers Market, and the Elverson Farmers Market. He is also offering boxed lunches with pretzel […]

Silly Putty and Petroleum in Chicken McNuggets?

 For those of you who still, on occasion visit McDonalds, I thought I would share this article with you. We stopped going after I read Fast Food Nation and after a couple of occurrences where McDonald’s went into Brian (at age 2 1/2) and came flying back out the other end about 30 minutes later. I know, gross, but I presume you have had a similar experience. Last time I knew food wasn’t supposed to do that, but as you will read, a Chicken McNugget has 37 ingredients. I have made baked chicken fingers in the past, I only needed a few ingredients: chicken, bread crumbs, egg, flour, salt and pepper. I froze them and the chicken fingers lasted for several months in the freezer.


Nutrient Dense Foods

I see, and I presume you do too, lists of foods to eat all the time. Most of the time they are pretty similar. I liked this one from Delicious Living as it encompasses vegetables, fruits, legumes and beans, and nuts and seeds. Each section lists the top fruit, vegetable  etc, why it is important, and has links to recipes for each food that is listed. Check it out and I hope you try one of the recipes. I have made several of the recipes from the site and they have all been pretty good.Click on the title to go to the article.